Legacy Application Modernisation Services

Bring your legacy applications up to modern standards

Are you struggling to continue supporting an old, legacy application in your organisation? Perhaps a vendor has gone out of business and is no longer maintaining or updating the product, or an internal application has become so out-of-date the risk of changing it has become too high.

Modernising legacy applications should not be taken lightly - often they contain years of logic and rules that was built up over time. Typically these types of applications don't take advantage of best practices like automated unit and integration tests, which introduces a significant level of risk into the process.

At Array, we have the expertise needed to guide you through the process of bringing these types of application up-to-date. The following are the types of application we have helped modernise in the past:

  • Oracle Forms and Reports applications
  • Windows applications built using Visual Basic 6 or earlier
  • Java Swing and JavaFX applets and applications
  • Adobe Flash and Shockwave
  • Microsoft Access database applications

For one client, we took a business-critical Oracle Forms and Reports application with almost 2,000 individual forms and reports. We automated much of the process of migrating the User Interface to a modern Web-based JavaScript application, as well as migrating built-in Forms database interaction to RESTful JSON APIs. For the parts of the migration that could not be easily automated, we supported the client with a simple to follow process that could be used by developers of all levels to port individual pieces of logic and functionality.

Another typical modernisation scenario is where you want to make your application's functionality available on mobile devices. With some legacy applications this looks like an impossible task - but we can help you achieve it, and guide you through the best approach to get the job done, whether it be a native application, mobile Web application or hybrid application.

3 reasons to work with Array Software

Breadth of experience

We've seen it all before - from billion dollar payroll to complex distribution platforms, we have built it.

User and Customer focus

Our approach is unique in that it puts the emphasis on the needs of both the end-user and the customer.

Unrivalled Support

The team that builds your application is the team that provides you support, get answers direct from developers.