A passion for the craft of software

At Array, we take great pride in our craft - computer software. Where others view programming and software engineering as a science, we believe it is an art, where people create amazing things that can enable and enhance the lives of others. We love software because it is perfectly positioned at the intersection of science and art, two fields that make this world the special place that it is.

This philosophy defines everything that we do - from early design concepts and user stories right through to engineering the solution, testing and deploying it in the wild. For a product to pass our extremely high standards, it must simultaneously be simple and powerful - making it easy to use for a beginner, but flexible enough for a power user. It must look beautiful, but not at the expense of function and user experience. We don't believe in design for the sake of design - every element of our products is carefully handcrafted for a specific purpose.

Our team has worked on products used by millions of people across the globe. We have experience working on all aspects of software products - from idea generation and feasibility analysis, to product design and software engieneering, right through to delivery, deployment and infrastructure management.

Our Story

Although Array launched officially in 2015, it has been operating unofficially for many years before that. It is the brainchild of Joe Lennon, a software engineer, author and general lover of all things tech. Joe has a passion for software that dates back to his childhood, when at the age of 6 he spent hours typing up the sample code from the back pages of his Amstrad 6128PC's manual in the hope of getting a Tennis game to work. Joe's first experience online was in the early 1990s, where he spent a lot of time on Internet Relay Chat (IRC) learning about software and the Internet. Joe's first foray into the business world came at the age of 13, when he started AstralWeb, a web design and hosting company. He eventually went on to study Business Information Systems in University College Cork, and went on to a prosperous career that included roles as a software engineer, product manager and most recently, Chief Technology Officer of a highly successful Irish startup.

Joe started Array because he wanted to build a company that was highly product-driven. As a result, Array is a company that not only builds and ships its own products, but also consults and assists other companies in doing the same. This mixed approach allows us to gain a much wider range of experience, which we then apply in every project we work on. We don't operate like an agency or a typical software development house. Rather than asking you for specifications and documentation, we embed ourselves within your organisation to better understand the real business need and driving-force of a product. This enables us to build solutions that not only deliver on basic functional requirements, but that answer the questions that may have not been asked in a spec.

Interested in joining us?

Array is a company like no other, and we only work with the best. If you have what it takes, we want to meet you. In return, we'll provide you with an above-market salary, excellent benefits including health insurance, pension, gym membership, the best gear, free books, expenses-paid conference trips and more.

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