Connecting creators to consumers

At Array, we help companies build great products and get them in front of customers. In August, we are launching a major product of our own that we believe will change the way creators and artists connect to consumers. We can’t give away too much right now, but we just wanted to briefly talk about why it’s so important that this connection is made and continues to be made going into the future.

As technology evolves, our access to amazing content and works increases exponentially. This not only empowers us with greater choice but is also more convenient in our hectic modern society. Take music as an example - if I want to listen to a new track by my favourite artist, I launch Spotify on my favourite device, play the track and I’m done. The more I use this kind of all-you-can-eat service, however, the greater the disconnect I feel with the artist. There was a time when I was borderline obsessive with certain artists, albums and tracks. I would pour over the CD cover, learn the lyrics off by heart, discover who was involved behind the scenes from the writing to the production, and read the artist’s thank you notes with intrigue. I forged a connection with the artist, and that bond became stronger the more I listened. When a new release was announced I would be excited for weeks and even months while waiting for it to drop. And the day it came out I would be there ready and waiting to buy it, and play it on a continuous loop for hours on end. I was a fan, just like millions of others around the world.

In recent times, I feel like I’ve lost touch with the artists I enjoy. I listen to a three or four minute track and move on, forgetting about them almost instantly thereafter. I rarely listen to full albums anymore, foregoing the B-sides and less popular tracks for the hits. It’s almost like I don’t have time any more - which is strange as I probably listen to more music now than I ever did before. But these days I mainly listen to playlists that are a bundle of all sorts of tracks, and in many cases I don’t even know the artist, album or even track name of the song I’m listening to anymore. While I love the choice that Spotify has given me as a consumer, I hate the fact that it has turned me from being a fan into just another guy listening to the radio.

At Array, we want to solve this problem. We’re working on an amazing new product that is all about connecting artists and creators to their fans once again, but in a way that works in the modern world. We can’t wait to show you more, so stay tuned to our blog for future updates and sneak peeks in the months ahead.